About Us

PCL photos 292.jpgThe Peninsula Community Library is dedicated to serving all segments of a diverse rural community by providing access to information and support for personal enrichment in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Our History

The Peninsula Community Library, one of Peninsula Township's most beloved institutions, opened on a summer's day in 1957. Its collection was modest: a mere 700 books, mostly borrowed and housed in temporary quarters on the stage of the gym at the new Old Mission Peninsula School. With roots as far back as 1859, when the people of Peninsula Township first voted to form a library, the library had been housed in a private home until 1910 when the electorate voted to apportion its books among the various Old Mission one room school houses. On May 29, 1959, by the vote of the people, the Peninsula Community Library became an established township library under the requirements of the State of Michigan. Today, Peninsula Community Library is still an independent township library with it's own elected governing board of trustees, operating by contract within and a part of the Traverse Area District Library. This partnership has made the library a dynamic center of life that helps to bind a diverse, rural community together.  The Board is now looking to the library's future with the building of a new library down the road from where the library rents its space now. The 5.25 acres, purchased in 1990 by a library board with great foresight, will allow Peninsula Community Library to expand its role in the community and serve all its citizens.